Volume Public Relations Takes Home Silver at the 2007 Magellan Award

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LACP recognizes VolumePR work with leading children’s safety organizationDenver, CO – Volume Public Relations won silver at the League of American Communications Professionals(LACP) 2007 Magellan Awards for their strategic communications campaign with the nation’s leading children’s water safety organization whose proven methodology teaches infants and children how to save themselves in the event of an accident in the water.

VolumePR was recognized for the strategic and benefits-oriented messaging and collateral it created. The team outlined the most impressive benefits, and communicated them both graphically and with comparative statements in a manner that immediately conveys the “so what,” and gets down to the bottom line of what is important for the target audience. By employing these techniques, VolumePR ensures that every single written word delivers value and makes a point.“Every organization has an important messaging platform that matters to diverse audiences,” said Elizabeth Edwards, founder, president & CEO of VolumePR. “It is our responsibility to make sure those messages are clear and delivered to the correct target audiences. Infallible corporate messages and communication vehicles are the linchpin of achieving broad-based and powerful media awareness that ultimately grows an organizations bottom line, and we are proud to see the success of VolumePR’s work continuing to be recognized throughout the communications industry.”About VolumePR

Volume Public Relations’ one-of-a-kind approach infuses scientific precision into marketing and public relations programs. The firm has a rich 13-year history, serving clients worldwide to launch and promote products and brands with scientific precision. Volume PR’s proprietary system leverages cognitive science principles to elevate marketing communication and public relations results. Also unique to Volume PR, the agency offers its services to supplement existing PR programs with neuro-strategies and promotions, provides corporate communication team training packages to execute cognitive PR programs in-house, or stand-alone, comprehensive public relations services. An internationally renowned PR agency, serving clients worldwide from its Denver, Colorado headquarters, VolumePR offers a suite of solutions to partner with businesses of every size.

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Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards is the founder of Volume PR, Engagement Science Lab, and creator of The Frequency of Understanding; an international movement to combining behavioral science and neuroscience with communication strategies to accelerate understanding and change.

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