The 26 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns

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How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? While sales are an important indicator, most marketers and business leaders agree it is only one measure in a much larger equation.

True brand, business, and product success comes from monitoring a range of key performance indicators across five core areas known as the “Five Pillars of Marketing Effectiveness”:

Creating Confusion or Comprehension? The Ethical Imperative for Behavioral Engagement.

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Imagine that it’s the good old days, and we’re enjoying ourselves at a busy conference with noise and signs and huddles and laughter everywhere.

As we pass each other, my mind deep in thought, I accidentally trip you, and you crash to the floor. What is the right thing for me to do? Keep walking and not look back? Defend that it wasn’t my fault because I didn’t mean to? Point and laugh?

Volume’s Values & Manifesto

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Communication isn’t key. Comprehension is. But no classroom or textbook teaches how to engage ourselves or others to create understanding.

So we changed that. Professional communicators best serve our clients, community, and world when we engage sensitive to how words can trigger backfire and rejection, or consideration and relationship.

Volume PR in Fast Company

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Elizabeth Edwards shares in Fast Company how to use behavior science to manage your brand and culture:

“The best way to manage brand and culture is with messages that create a “positive emotional root,” per the science of behavioral communications.

Ask what messages make your audience feel heard, excited, appreciated, respected, and more? Then nurture your top root emotions with authenticity.

Volume Public Relations Receives a Five-Star Rating Review on Clutch

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The best thing you can do is find a public relations partner that can support you growth in a meaningful and measurable way. That’s why Volume PR is here! We help you accelerate your marketing and PR outcomes through the science of behavior and understanding. We guarantee more awareness, customers, and results for your business and have been delivering on that promise for twenty years.

From designing messages to media promotions, we have created a one-of-a-kind reputation for campaigns and outcomes that make a measurable impact on our client’s brand and bottom-line. Our team is known for providing support from startups to high-profile brands around the world.

The Science of Engagement to Increase Public Relations Outcomes

Reading Time: < 1 minute Our sister agency, The Engagement Science Lab, was born from the 19+ years of work we have done at Volume to integrate the human sciences with the practice of professional communication.

It has always frustrated us that the instruction and systems that support our field completely ignore the sciences and all they have to reveal about ways to make communication and engagement more successful.

Grammar, syntax, and style are systems that support communication. But these mechanics don’t help you connect and convert. And connecting is the whole point of communication.

Volume PR Founder, Women in Business 2019 Keynote on the Science of Successful Communication and Engagement

Reading Time: < 1 minute In November 2019, Volume PR’s founder and president shared how to increase communication results using a new science-based form of engagement that simultaneously activates the conscious and non-conscious mind.

As 95% of decisions are made in the non-conscious mind, unless and until communication strategies and tactics touch this part of the ming, your PR, marketing, sales, and leadership will never connect and resonate as deeply and successfuilly as possible.

This communication and engagement approach is at the core of everything Volume PR does for our clients, and is the central reason our clients enjoy higher results than traditional public relations and communication approaches.

Ragan, 9 Cognitive Messaging Mistakes to Avoid

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It’s no secret that we all have a lot on our minds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If health and economic concerns weren’t enough, your audience is also barraged with changing news, guidance and updates from organizations they interact with. It’s harder than ever to break through the noise and earn their engagement and trust.

Nationwide Strength with Local Market Power and PRConsultants Group

Reading Time: 2 minutes Volume PR is the sole appointed Colorado representative of PRConsultants Group (PRCG), a collaborative made up of senior-level PR experts. Members are small to mid-sized public relations and marketing agencies with long track-records of excellence, and covering every major market in the United States to give clients of PRCG firms access to “boots on the ground” anywhere and everywhere, without the typical expense necessary for such reach.