Engaging Science In The Pursuit Of Effective Communication

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Colorado Business Marketing Association (BMA) Roundtable Discussion Will Reveal How Cognitive And Behavioral Sciences
Can Increase Success Of Marketing Strategies

Denver – January 12, 2016 – Advancements in neuroscience research, as well as innovative thinking on how to utilize this research, is creating a remarkable new layer of marketing strategy. By combining insights with fundamentals from psychology and sociology, communicators can now possess a roadmap of the laws that govern human behavior.

Elizabeth Edwards, whose Volume Public Relations firm has fully embraced this trending new approach, understands that engaging this science-based focus enables companies to fine-tune strategies and tactics with more precision than ever thought possible. Edwards will share her experience and insights during a BMA Colorado Breakfast Roundtable hosted at Volume PR’s Greenwood Village office on Thursday, Jan. 28 from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m.

“Our presentation will discuss how to adopt social and cognitive science principles across marketing initiatives to create more awareness, more customers and more bottom line results from your efforts,” Edwards said. “We will include real-world, easy-to-apply cases that demonstrate exactly how rooting communication activities in the science of the human mind can create more precise, high-value, measurable outcomes, and look forward to a lively discussion.”

Attendees can expect to walk away with a working knowledge of:

  • Scientifically proven ways to modify messages for more engagement
  • Tweaks that can be made tomorrow to trigger audience action through improved storytelling
  • Scientific strategies guaranteed to increase ROI

Volume Public Relations breakfast roundtable will be held at 6312 S. Fiddlers Green Circle in Greenwood Village. Tickets for the event are $15 for BMA members, $30 for non-members. For more information or to register for the meeting, visit the BMA Colorado website.

About Volume Public Relations

Volume Public Relations is an award-winning strategic communications firm known for accelerating marketing and PR outcomes with scientific precision. The Volume PR team creates more awareness, more customers and more results for its client by designing messages, strategies, brands and promotions that are rooted in the principles of cognitive science. This practice has created an unmatched reputation for producing precision campaigns and outcomes over the last 14 years. Whether working as an equal partner to existing agency partners, providing senior strategic assistance to an in-house team or serving as your communication Agency of Record, Volume PR brings a scientific-based approach to every communication program. Executives at brands from BMW to Level3 Communications have trusted Volume’s strategy to drive guaranteed and unprecedented results for their organizations.

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Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards is the founder of Volume PR, Engagement Science Lab, and creator of The Frequency of Understanding; an international movement to combining behavioral science and neuroscience with communication strategies to accelerate understanding and change.

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