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Would you describe yourself as innovative? Do the wheels in your brain spin toward constant process and product improvement?

Even those of us with the highest innovative energy can use some help organizing our creative brainstorms and idea generation. Thankfully, Harvard Business Review has an app for that, or rather, an online tool to help guide your innovative process so you’re sure to have actionable insights as the fruits of your brainstorming labor.

The “Taxonomy of Innovation,” created by the Luma Institute, is a human-centered design methodology that guides you in selecting the best tool to use for brainstorming, idea generation, and maintaining your innovative edge based on your current stage of business development.

How can you use tools like Affinity Clustering or Bull’s-Eye Diagramming to keep innovating your product offerings to align with an evolving market interests?

Or if tackling specific problems, how would you benefit differently from using Problem Tree Analysis v. Abstraction Laddering to ensure you’re not just solving a current business challenge, but expanding your market opportunity with your solution?

More than just a mouthful of research terms, the Taxonomy of Innovation can be a very handy tool for organizing proven research and brainstorming methods into a clean, interactive outline. Use it as a guide for selecting team exercises to push the innovation envelope in your organization, and share your results with us!

2014 is YOUR YEAR to INNOVATE! CEO’s to Interns, we can all bring brilliant ideas to the table to grow our businesses, our brands, and our bottom lines.

The Luma Institute Human-Centered Design Methodology & A Taxonomy of Innovation:

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