The Science of Engagement to Increase Public Relations Outcomes

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What is a Communication System?

Our sister agency, The Engagement Science Lab, was born from the 19+ years of work we have done at Volume to integrate the human sciences with the practice of professional communication.
It has always frustrated us that the instruction and systems that support our field completely ignore the sciences and all they have to reveal about ways to make communication and engagement more successful.
Grammar, syntax, and style are systems that support communication. But these mechanics don’t help you connect and convert. And connecting is the whole point of communication.
Imagine having a map of what makes you audience’s minds likght up. Because now more than ever our minds are running from too much noise. But science is discovering what makes us really engage at a core level, and as science uncovers new things about the mind’s communication preferences, we apply them in business to create a system for increased results.
Now we have a system that breaks through the biases silently blocking your communication. A system that creates meaningful connections in times of crisis. A system that unifies communication, PR, marketing, sales, and leadership. A system of techniques based on human behavior and motivation science that increases conversion and changes behavior.
By applying a psychologically-optimized system for successful engagement, Volume PR is able to immediately increases communication and marketing results.
Stop struggling to create compelling communication. Instead, apply the Science of Engagement and enjoy the measurable difference.
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Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards is the founder of Volume PR, Engagement Science Lab, and creator of The Frequency of Understanding; an international movement to combining behavioral science and neuroscience with communication strategies to accelerate understanding and change.

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