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More Awareness

PR programs should deliver outcomes that increase awareness for your company, your products, and your leadership. Choose an agency proven to deliver media results and thought leadership outcomes that make a difference.

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More Customers

When you understand your customers unspoken needs and desires, you are able to engage and sell to them like never before. Learn how Volume uses science to understand and reach your customers, delivering leads and sales.

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More Results

Science-based communication is proven to generate results that often shock the senses. 400% increase in media coverage for BMW? First page Google rankings for a tech startup in one day? Results are more precise when precision fuels your agency.

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Public Relations & Integrated Communications

Attract, Excite & Engage with Science


Everything your business does that communicates with the outside world is PR. From your messages to sales and marketing strategies, thought leadership, media coverage and social engagement. Volume believes it is time to engineer a new era for PR, one that is more scientifically precise, and tailored to the unspoken desires of your audiences.

Are you ready to communicate with precision?

Promote with Precision

Changing the Industry

Brand Blueprint

Do you have a scientifically attuned strategy for brand growth? Have you defined how you’ll create competitive advantage? What is your plan to gain more market share and have your brand front and center in your customers minds? Your Volume team of PR Scientists create brand blueprints, guaranteed to resonate better with the unspoken desires of your target audience by rooting strategies in behavioral science. Because while its true that in 2016 #EverythingisPR, its also true that #EverythingisBetterwithScience.

Positioning & Messaging

There are a lot of words in your world. On your website, in your sales scripts, on your social profiles, in your press releases. Most messages overwhelm your readers. Stop doing that. Instead, engage and entice them. See why brands from Transamerica to technology start-ups select Volume to develop messages that are heard, remembered and acted upon.

Media Relations

Positive media exposure can be one of the most powerful ways to build your brand. And no one develops media outcomes like Volume. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the impressive media results Volume has delivered for over 15 years.

Thought Leadership

Are your executives commanding the respect they deserve? Are you taking the stage to speak at the trade shows and conferences you attend, rather than managing everything from behind a booth? Your Volume team has taken countless brands from being unknown, to respected thought leaders in their field. Let us show you how.

Crisis & Reputation Management

How you handle a crisis can make or break your brand. Volume’s team of Communication Scientists is uniquely equipped to manage crisis’ leveraging behavioral science so your response has the greatest probability of improving brand relations, rather than harming them further. Learn more about managing crisis with science in this podcast full of direct examples you can implement today.


Elizabeth Edwards
Founder, President & CEO

As president and founder of Volume Public Relations, Elizabeth Robinson Edwards leads the nations premier communications agency delivering marketing, PR and corporate communication programs rooted in the principles of cognitive science and dedicated to providing More Awareness, More Customers, and More Results.

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Heather Lindemann
Director, Chief Strategist

Heather Lindemann is a strategic communications specialist with a focus on building powerful brands. She has worked with corporate, consumer, technology, energy and non-profit clients for 15 years and has media trained more than 200 executives. Additionally, Heather has worked with clients in crisis communications, media strategy, internal communications, social media and branding.

Jim Dissett
Jim Dissett
Strategic Communication & Content Director

A 25-year veteran of the communications industry, Jim brings a strong media background to his clients’ communications and marketing programs. Jim began his career in the newspaper business, covering everything from state and local government to news features during his 10 years as a journalist. As a public relations and advertising professional, Jim has experience working across multiple industries, as well as on public affairs issues and political interests.


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