IIeX Forum Speaker: Behavioral Insights Critical to Successful Brand Communication

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Volume PR revealed how the firm uses proven strategies for unlocking hidden consumer motivations. 

Greenwood Village, Colorado (Nov. 2) – Elizabeth Edwards, founder and president of Volume Public Relations, will explain how behavioral science can reveal hidden motivations of consumers during her featured presentation at the third annual “IIeX Forum on Nonconscious Consumers: How We Understand, Measure & Drive Behavior” on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 9:30 a.m.

Scheduled for Nov. 14-15 in Chicago, the IIeX Forum will bring together leading behavioral scientists, marketing experts, communication strategists and others to discuss the growing focus on neuroscience as communicators identify new ways to reach and connect with target audiences.

“Customers are hardwired to respond positively to messages when they are developed using a scientific approach,” said Edwards, whose firm specializes in deploying behavioral science-based communication programs. “Unfortunately, few communication practitioners recognize the importance of these insights, much less leverage their power on behalf of their clients or marketing efforts.”

Edwards’ presentation will showcase how she and her Volume PR team have engaged this effective method for branding, integrated communication and PR strategies in programs with clients such as BMW and Transamerica. During the two-day IIeX Forum event, attendees will learn how to apply behavioral science to better understand and predict customers’ behavior, and how embracing behavioral principles can help businesses grow. To register to attend the conference, click here.

About Volume PR

Volume Public Relations is an award-winning strategic communications firm known for accelerating marketing, PR and integrated communication outcomes with scientific precision. The Volume PR team creates more awareness, more customers and more results for its client by designing messages, strategies, brands and public relations campaigns that are rooted in the principles of behavioral and cognitive science. This practice has created an unmatched reputation for producing precision campaigns and outcomes over the last 15 years and was recently appointed to the Forbes Agency Council. Whether working as an equal partner to existing agency partners, providing senior strategic assistance to an in-house team or serving as your communication Agency of Record, Volume PR brings a scientific-based approach to every communication program. Executives at brands from BMW to Level3 Communications have trusted Volume’s strategy to drive guaranteed and unprecedented results for their organizations. Come get to know us at www.VolumePR.com. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards is the founder of Volume PR, Engagement Science Lab, and creator of The Frequency of Understanding; an international movement to combining behavioral science and neuroscience with communication strategies to accelerate understanding and change.

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