Elizabeth Edwards

Founder and President

Communication Visionary. Keynote Speaker. Award-Winning CEO.

  • Architect behind NeuroPsychological Engagement: Forbes Magazine #1 “Marketing Tactic and Tool That Will Shake up 2019”
  • Ragan Communications & PR Daily “PR Professional of the Year, 2018”
  • Founder and CEO of Best in Biz “PR Agency of the Year, 2018”
  • Ranks in the top 1% of all speakers for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

Edwards is a frequent keynote speaker and widely-published author on the subject of Neuropsychological Engagement (NPE). Merging the fields of communication, marketing, neuroscience, psychology and behavioral science, NPE is the key to brands being heard, being believed and being convincing to both the conscious and non-conscious mind. NPE is the foundation for more successful communication campaigns that lead to more positive responses, increased outcomes, better connections and higher conversion rates.

Edwards is globally recognized as a visionary for her development of NPE applications to the communication industry, and is known for her energetic delivery of thought-provoking, highly relevant and practical advice. Edwards is sought out by international corporations, professional societies and PR agencies to present at corporate events, conferences and workshop seminars. A vibrant speaker, she informs and engages members and employees and inspires them to take their marketing plans to the next level.

Through her most recent venture, NPE Labs, Edwards has amplified the world of evidence-based communication by training professionals how to evaluate the behavioral and cognitive factors behind consumer decisions and how to integrate these into programs that demonstrate results. In addition to serving as an educational hub, the company builds labs for clients to scientifically test messages to ensure that they resonate both emotionally and cognitively with the intended target audience.

Edwards turned traditional marketing and PR on its head when she founded the Engagement Science Lab, the first integrated communication agency in the U.S. to implement the NPE approach. The Engagement Science Lab platform powers the day-to-day client service work at Volume PR, the strategic communication firm she founded in 2001.

Lauded as one of the foremost communication and marketing experts of the new decade, Edwards and her companies have won hundreds of marketing, communication and PR awards. She is a member of Forbes Agency

Council and served as the 2018-19 PRSA Technology Section Chair.

Prior to founding Volume PR, Edwards was with Ogilvy PR and the aerospace division of The Boeing Company. She is a graduate of Pepperdine University.