What We Do


We build consumer loyalty and enthusiasm.

Consumer messaging that resonates and compels action

Ah, consumers! It’s the holy grail of audiences. What company doesn’t want its brand adored by consumers, mentioned in hallway conversations and rewarded with steadfast loyalty – as well as years of ongoing sales records? At Volume PR, that’s just what we provide for our consumer-focused clients. We deliver brand messaging directly to the customers our clients covet through media coverage that glows with positivity, contributed content that encourages audience engagement and speaking appearances and events that deliver satisfaction to buyers.

Our consumer clients will attest: The scientific approach Volume PR uses taps into the brains of customers with unparalleled efficiency and directness. In short, we hit the target right where it lives – by providing messaging that resonates and compels action. 

But don’t just take our word for it; review the following case studies to see what clients are saying.

Consumer Case Studies


BMW Championship

The Scarcity Principle at Work

Volume Public Relations was chosen by the Western Golf Association (WGA) as the PR Agency of Record for the 2014 BMW Championship at Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver. The event, which is one of four FedEx Cup tournaments, is the sole charity of the Evans Scholars Foundation (ESF).


The Relaxing Company

Energizing A Niche Market

The Relaxing Company’s beverage “Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda” was the first product launch in the company’s unconventional Kava Kava Beverage Brand. Volume PR was hired to generate awareness of the new product, drive website traffic to educate the audience and ultimately build sales.


Big Mo’ / NASCAR

Introducing A New Product In A Crowded Space

NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. created a chocolate bar called Big Mo’ and was seeking a media and launch strategy to introduce the new product to racing fans and to candy lovers. Volume PR was enlisted to create a sweet, creative approach to reach this niche market.

What Our Consumer Clients Say

“Volume PR’s ability to go above and beyond in every aspect of the 2014 BMW Championship’s campaign greatly contributed to the many successes the tournament experienced.”

George Solich

2014 BMW Championship General Chairman and President and CEO, FourPoint Energy, LLC

“Volume PR has proven to be best at motivating and activating a broad audience, demonstrating a solid understanding of our combination of social and business opportunities.”

Neil Salisbury

S&R Online Strategies

“It’s unusual for us to find a partner that truly is in the game with us. Volume PR regularly proves that they are, and we greatly appreciate both their character and work.”

Jessica Nelson, Marketing & Communications Director

The Alternative Board