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Leverage 20+ years of B2B and technology infrastructure expertise to grow your brand and achieve your goals

Volume PR is the nation’s first PR and integrated communication agency delivering public relations, social media, content marketing and thought leadership campaigns rooted in best practices from behavioral and cognitive sciences.

All clients and customers are, after all, human beings. By integrating the fundamental laws that govern human nature into communication efforts, messaging and strategies gain a new level of precision and competitive advantage. How well you know customers’ thoughts, motivations and unconscious desires can make the difference between simply reaching a customer and actually winning a customer.

Volume adapts key insights and fundamentals from the following behavioral and cognitive science disciplines to deliver fact-based, results-focused campaigns:

New Neuroscience

Neuroscience is used to understand how a human processes and filters billions of bit of information. By being where psychology meets biology, it forces you to simplify.


Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. It helps predict and analyze mental or behavioral characteristics of an individual or a group.


Sociology is the science of society, social groups and institutions and social relationships. It is the systematic study of the development, structure, interaction, and collective behavior of organized groups of human beings.

Communication Anthropology

Communication anthropology studies the meaning of words, phrases, and sentences in cultural contexts. A theory in linguistic anthropology says culture and society and a person’s social position determine language.

Expertise & Capabilities

Public Relations

Volume Public Relations is a full service PR firm capable of performing all the traditional tasks required of an agency, including developing an overall PR strategy, creative direction, messaging, press material development and targeted outreach.

Research & insight

We research markets, competitors and business processes to develop the high quality metrics and in-depth qualitative understandings that facilitate informed decision making by executives and management.

Content Marketing

The success or failure of your business development plan often hinges on the strength of your content marketing program. We live in a content-driven world and connect our clients with its power.

Media Training

Volume PR can provide your team with the appropriate training and media coaching consultations to ensure that key personnel are putting their best foot forward as they represent the company across the array of modern medias.

Marketing Communication

In today’s hyper-communicative market, simply having a superior product or service is not enough. Through your communication, whatever the medium – your key messages must engage, entice and excite your audience to take action.

Corporate Communication

Make the most of the talent you already have through a Volume PR corporate communications training that infuses your staff with the knowledge to incorporate behavioral science best practices into company communication efforts.

Message Development

Our proprietary message and positioning system produces messages that arm organizations with the key points and communication assets to increase brand awareness, reach more customers, and generate more media exposure.

Product Launch

We take products from unknown actors to industry leaders by deploying our proven product launching strategies in a broad range of technology-based industries.

Social Media

Volume PR knows that participation in online social networks is a paramount part of all PR programs. Your audience is already out there talking about you. We are here to help you do more than just listen – we are here to help you engage.

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication is something no one hopes to need, but all companies and organizations need to prepare and plan. It is designed to protect and defend and individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to it’s reputation.

Happy Clients

We immediately saw the value in working with Volume PR over other marketing and PR firms. Volume PR has proven success working with software and technology press, and were able to generate amazingly powerful and positive coverage surrounding the launch of our product suite

Davis Nash, VP Sales & Business Development

Integrated Software Metrics

It’s unusual for us to find a partner that truly is in the game with us. VolumePR regularly proves that they are, and we greatly appreciate both their character and work

Jessica Nelson, Marketing & Communications Director

The Alternative Board

Selling websites is a profit-driven business, and Quiet Light Brokerage needed a PR agency with proven results. Volume Public Relations has done an outstanding job securing speaking positions and media coverage that have directly led to new business growth opportunities.

Mark Daoust, Ceo

Quiet Light Brokerage