Volume PR wins Silver at BMA Gold Key Award

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VolumePR takes home the coveted Silver Award for the media coverage developed for The Alternative Board

Denver, CO – Volume Public Relations won silver in the Business Marketing Association (BMA) Gold Key awards. The award-winning entry was for work done with The Alternative Board (TAB), and how VolumePR established the organization as the “Best Business Counselors of America.”

TAB partnered with VolumePR in 2008 with the primary objective of establishing the organization as the nation’s leading business coaching, advisory and peer advisory board organization. TAB targets CEOs, small and mid-size business owners, and managing partners of privately owned businesses.

The media efforts were designed established TAB’s executive management as indisputable business experts, and within 10 months, VolumePR achieved total media impressions in excess of 240,000,000. With top tier media hits on Fox Business, AP, BusinessWeek, CNNmoney.com, and many others, the campaign has been an overwhelming success.

“VolumePR has the ability to elevate our clients to positions of market leadership through coverage in top tier media, and it is exciting to have our achievements for TAB recognized by BMA,” said Elizabeth Edwards, founder, president & CEO of VolumePR. “Right now, we are working in a challenging media environment and communications campaigns have to be very strategic to deliver results. Our work with TAB demonstrates how important it is to have a thought-provoking and insightful campaign.”

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Volume Public Relations’ one-of-a-kind approach infuses scientific precision into marketing and public relations programs. The firm has a rich 13-year history, serving clients worldwide to launch and promote products and brands with scientific precision. Volume PR’s proprietary system leverages cognitive science principles to elevate marketing communication and public relations results. Also unique to Volume PR, the agency offers its services to supplement existing PR programs with neuro-strategies and promotions, provides corporate communication team training packages to execute cognitive PR programs in-house, or stand-alone, comprehensive public relations services. An internationally renowned PR agency, serving clients worldwide from its Denver, Colorado headquarters, VolumePR offers a suite of solutions to partner with businesses of every size.

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Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards is the founder of Volume PR, Engagement Science Lab, and creator of The Frequency of Understanding; an international movement to combining behavioral science and neuroscience with communication strategies to accelerate understanding and change.

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