Telecommunications Acquisition (Kailight Photonics)




Kailight Photonics was working to move from an unknown optical networking brand to being positioned for acquisition. Volume PR was recruited to help make it happen.


Kailight was an unknown player in the industry at the time, with limited to zero visibility among key media and analysts and almost no brand awareness.

Solution & Results


Trade media reported on the effectiveness of Kailight’s PR program specifically, mentioning that other tech vendors were beginning to copy the program in an attempt to replicate its results


Kailight was acquired for $35 million by Optium Corporation


Volume’s pre-conference press strategy encouraged a whopping 90 percent of target customers to visit the company’s booth within hours of a show’s opening


The successful press and analyst program yielded meetings with 100 percent of all media and analyst targets for four years running

Volume PR developed an assertive media and analyst relations program to help move Kailight front of mind among these key audiences.