How To Power Up Your PR On Any Budget

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Volume was featured in The Huffington Post because our clients see such remarkable results without sky-high budgets.

See how we built a small technology start-up from an unknown, to an Inc 500 brand ultimately acquired for $230 million with smart strategy.

Entrepreneurs: Here’s How To Power Up Your PR On Any Budget.

Case Studies: Scale Business Development With An Investment In Yourself, Or Hire An Outside PR Firm.

  1. It’s one of those things every entrepreneur wants-and, arguably, needs. But depending on your business type—if you’re a big brand, small business owner or a start-up—you may or may not realize the impact of PR to really power up and scale your business development.

Scale Business Development, Invest In a PR Firm.

As an award-winning publicist and former war correspondent and television news reporter who has created campaigns for large entities like L’Oreal and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, to entrepreneurs large and small around the globe, I’ve generated more than a billion impressions to the campaigns, brands and agencies I’ve represented. Those campaigns resulted in millions of dollars in what’s known as AVE—or Advertising Equivalency Value. Important metrics for big brands, but the case studies I’m exploring in this article focus on tangible results for growing companies, where PR must focus on developing a direct impact to revenue, client acquisition, and growth—especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

The obvious route for businesses with capital and limited time (or knowledge) is to hire an outstanding, outside PR agency. Because of the large up-front initial investment a firm often has to make to establish a new client, most results-oriented PR firms not only charge a high rate, but also require a minimum monthly retainer. Generating additional buzz and increasing airtime to bolster sales and downloads involves a great deal of investment, time and energy momentum.

When start-up telecommunications backhaul company, Tower Cloud, retained Volume PR, they took a leap of faith to make a $6,000 monthly investment they hoped would pay off to attract new speaking opportunities and establish their expertise as thought leaders in the telecom field.

Over the course of seven years, Tower spent roughly $560,000 with Volume PR and the result was consistent media and speaking visibility opportunities. According to George Townsend, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Tower Cloud, “The value was incalculable, and ultimately facilitated the circumstances for our $230 million acquisition: a 411% ROI.”

Through a disruptive approach to PR, Volume CEO Elizabeth Edwards helped power the start-up with speaking opportunities that helped attract media, and ultimately, customer interest.

“Volume develops PR campaigns unlike anyone else by adding behavioral and new cognitive science insights about customers preferences into our programs. Whether growing a startup or established brand, efforts return more results when strategies are based in psychology,” said Edwards.

Understanding the basic functions of how our brains are hardwired to want to be communicated with is part of what Volume credits its success to. Using a disruptive approach, Volume engaged conference organizers in the way they instinctively craved.

The media coverage and speaking opportunities Volume created for Tower Cloud added credibility to the very small brand and initiated relationships that led to new business and ultimately expanded the start-up to be named an Inc. 500 company.

Tower Cloud’s story is a testament to the power of PR to scale business development. But for companies that don’t have the budget or desire to hire a full service PR Agency, taking a step into the PR world can be intimidating.

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