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Project Description


NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. created a chocolate bar called Big Mo’ and was seeking a media and launch strategy to introduce the new product to racing fans and to candy lovers. Volume PR was enlisted to create a sweet, creative approach to reach this niche market.


Introducing a new candy bar in a crowded, hyper-competitive space can be a challenge even with the name recognition of Dale Earnhardt Jr. However, Volume’s challenge was made even more complex due to Earnhardt’s lack of participation in the product’s marketing efforts.


Volume PR developed a creative campaign that leveraged the name and notoriety of the candy bar’s namesake, without a need to engage the actual racing star himself. The unconventional approach successfully secured  dozens of media opportunities, both with mainstream media and NASCAR-focused media.


  • Within two months of Volume PR’s launch, Dale Jr.’s Big Mo’ candy bar received multiple full-page print features plus broadcast and online media spanning the United States and Canada
  • Secured media impressions totaled nearly 52 million