The Beginning

Oildex is transforming the way oil and gas firms manage financial operations in the cloud. Key to this effort is creating understanding and gaining acceptance among decision-makers in an industry often reluctant to systemic technology changes. How do you increase awareness and encourage a change in behavior at the same time? Oildex selected Volume PR for this critical stage in the company’s growth because of Volume’s track record of growing B2B technology brands based on the science of behavior change.

Project Type

Oil + Gas PR


Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Cloud Software


Technical Communication, B2B PR, Creative, Media


After auditing Oildex’s current strategy and messages, Volume mapped a series of Behavioral Communication changes to increase awareness, shorten the sales cycle, and accelerate demand.


A product that had been confusing to prospective customers became more understandable, more trustworthy, and more appealing. Volume rolled out new content marketing and media relations campaigns focused on educating and nurturing audiences to the point of conversion, and the market response was profound.

Accelerate brand awareness and trust with 14 media features in 60 days
Thought leadership and coverage goals achieved in 75 percent of targeted media in 60 days
Increase brand awareness and reach by 1.6 million
Measurably Reduce Sales Cycle
Establish brand and executive thought leadership with a series of contributed content and expert commentary in leading trade publications


Volume PR

Communication. Conversation. Conversion.