From the NFL to Chipotle: Shifting Software from Sports to B2B Enterprise Sales

The Beginning

After succeeding in the professional sports sector, PlayerLync planned to shift its cloud-based training software to serve the training and professional development needs of commercial businesses.


PlayerLync’s mobile content management software provides instant content accessibility, customizable workflow automation, and administrative controls necessary to achieve operational excellence in a digital world. 


 needed a B2B expert to help launch their technology into the enterprise market. Volume PR was brought on to create a scientific PR strategy.

Project Type

PR + Strategy


Cloud Software


Launch Strategy, Media Relations, B2B PR, Thought Leadership


Introducing a company to a larger market after experiencing success in a niche market is no small task, particularly when timing is quick and the PR budget is limited. What’s more, PlayerLync was entering a space vastly different than the sports market it had already conquered.


Volume PR created a PR program incorporating targeted media outreach with outreach to influential industry analysts – facilitating the visibility PlayerLync needed to launch into the lucrative B2B market.

Media coverage secured in 12 top business and technology publications
Two personal introductions from analysts to C-Level executives at Fortune 500 companies
$1 million in enterprise sales generated following the PR program
1st page organic Google search results achieved for top keywords
$2 million in sales leads directly from media placements
Volume PR program recognized multiple times by leading industry associations for its scientific strategy and groundbreaking results


Volume PR

Communication. Conversation. Conversion.